Implementation Decoder based upon Viterbi Algorithm

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Hi guys ,

I am in trouble with understanding Viterbi decoder for a while. I'm reading from book called :
I'm reading from book : digital communications Bernard Sklar Second Edition . for my questions/case doesn't matter if it's second edition and first edition because the both includes explanation about Viterbi Algorithm.
attachment for the book:

I've already encoded message that's encoded by Convolutional Encoder K=3 and Im trying to implement the decoder .
So the decoder for this type of encoding is Viterbi decoder hard decision and Im reading about it as I said above from the book and didn't understand how it works and still confused at, so I can't even start to implement/code the Viterbi decoder without knowing how it works without any worries of its mode operations.
Could anyone please help me out how Viterbi decoder works? exactly the part that the Viterbi decoder including what's called stage "ADD-COMPARE-SELECT " and I didn't understand well how it works , still confused at this stage specifically!
there's what's called next state table , output table that's related to branch metric that Viterbi decoder based on them while decoding , I didn't understand well what those tables are about so could anyone please help me on this?

It would be appreciated while explaining to explain by an actual example to be more clear and understandable