Implement state machine without using MCU

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I want to implement a simple lighting circuit, which moves from one state to another using a simple momentary switch. The modes are as follows:
Bright mode -> Dim Mode -> Strobing mode -> Off

I want to use only one switch and minimum of components.

Roderick Young

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That's exactly the behavior of our TechLite Lumen Master flashlight. Maybe there is a mass-produced flashlight chip that you can buy, or you can harvest the circuit from a flashlight?

Alternatively, why not use an MCU? A simple one like a PICAXE 08M2 is capable of doing what you want, including debouncing the pushbutton. Not that hard to learn, and trivial to program (you just use BASIC). Comes in an 8-pin DIP, that's pretty simple and small. No external oscillators. About all you would need is an external pass transistor to handle the current of your LED.


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Use a 4 stage ring counter circulating 1000. Clock with the switch, with debounce. Enable each mode by one-hot state.