I'm working on a counter project and I'm using 74192.


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Post a schematic of what you've tried. Complete text for the problem might also be helpful.


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So look at the data sheet signal definitions and timing diagram for the 74192, and see if you can determine what input you might use to stop the counter, and what signal might be used to determine that the counter is at zero.


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This part does not have a separate "Count Enable" control, but no counting will take place without a "rising" edge on one of the clock pins. Stop the rising edges and the counter will stop.


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But there is another input that can stop the count at zero.
I've never used the part before and the arrangement of dual clocks along with T flip-flops is interesting and easy to miss at first glance. I see it now.
It is still the case that stopping the clock(s) is key to stopping the counter. Doing it internally is convenient if the counter only ever counts in one direction. If it is used for counting both up and down additional methods may be required.