I'm struggling to source electronic parts that I need (e.g. ZF – L3295)

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John O'C

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In particular,

I have several floodlights with attached PIR's, that need repairs (my attempt to broaden my newbe knowledge).

I discovered in most cases it is quicker easier and cheaper to replace the whole board, rather than individual items. (Have you tried to replace five burnt out SMD LEDs? )

My problem is, even with the board number (e.g. ZF – L3295) and after lots of googling I am still unable to find a source for these boards.

I can find lots for boards that are just floodlights (without PIR attachment), example


Any help in sourcing this stuff would be appreciated.
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John O'C

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There are several different size boards, from 10 W to 50 W.
This is the 50 W board.
It has many blown LEDs, which means there could be another problem, which is why I was hoping to replace the whole board.



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Next thing we want to see are closeups of the left circuits and the right circuits, sharp enough to be able to read the part numbers on the components.