I'm looking for a scope probe holder

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Hi all,

I often run in to the problem, that I'd like to contact two or more testing points on the PCB with the tip of the probes. In this case I miss at least a third hand, which operates the scope.

Does someone have suggestion or ideas for a suitable holder?

My short research lead me to this video:
Does someone have experience with this type of holder?

Tanks a lot.


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Welcome to AAC!

Some probes have grabber tip accessories; most of my HP probes have them.

If it's not for high frequency signals, use jumper wires with grabber clips.

For high frequency, it depends on board space and your probes. I've soldered holders made from heavy gauge wire soldered to the ground plane and use them to position the probe tip.

If it's a circuit prototype of your own design, you can use microstrip to BNC type connectors mounted on the board; and a probe that has a BNC type adapter, or BNC directly to the scope input.

You can also put socket pins in the board, again, if it's your own design, that you can insert the probe tip.