I'm looking for a chip.

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Hi Everyone

As shown in the figure below, if you give the values for VL and VH in the FPGA,
Chip outputs a square wave with VL and VH values.
Here, the range of VL and VH is about 0.8V to 5V.
If VL = 1V, VH = 2V, Square wave with such upper and lower values should be output.




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You don’t say what frequency the square-wave is.
You could use an op amp for a low frequency squarewave.
For high frequency, try a 74LVC1G3157
connect the B1 and B2 inputs to the fixed voltage VH and VL. You could set them with resistive potential dividers. If you need low impedance output buffer each one with an op-amp.
Then connect your logic signal to S and you will get the square-wave with selectable levels on the A output.