Iguana IDE for MicroPython programming

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To program microcontrollers in MicroPython, you can use a new programming environment called Iguana.

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Iguana allows stable access to the device via USB or Wi-Fi, even if the device is running an endless looping algorithm.

Iguana supports a wide range of boards: ESP32, ESP8266, Raspberry Pi Pico, Pyboard, Wemos D1, Wemos D1 R32, Wemos D1 mini, ESP-01 and more.

Any program on the device can be marked as a stop script, which will automatically start after pressing the "STOP" button. This is convenient if, for example, we want to automatically turn off the robot's motors every time the program is stopped. We don't have to run after the robot and catch it to turn it off if we want to stop it. When working via Wi-Fi, we can not get up from the computer at all to program our robot.

Iguana can download any type of file to your device. This can be useful if we want, for example, to add an image to a web server page.

Iguana has a built-in ESP bootloader that allows you to install MicroPython directly from the IDE.

The code editor highlights the syntax. There is a large selection of themes. You can change the font and its size.
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