Ignition problems electric igniter discontinued. Help understanding to fix

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Rich 52761

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Im new to the community. So thank you in advance for your time. Im working on a Columbia par car golf cart g4s 1988. The electrical ignition model has been discontinued. Which I would have to change whole system back to points and condenser set up. I can't afford 300.$ im doing this for a friend that's disabled.
The ignition module is burnt and they don't make or sell it's encased in silicone. I need to find hall sensor that reads of rotor with 2 magnets. This is on a Columbia 250cc Stroke gas motor. What I have is a 1.5 coil primary. Im under the impression that I need 3.5 to 4.5 ohms resistance in circuit. To protect the old module(burnt) which I can use a ballist resister to obtain. But the hall sensor got me confused saying it got to cause a long spark