IECF Fusion Device Neutron & Gamma

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Told to repost this in a different category.

Hello, I have seen those experimental pressurized D-T Fusion Chambers online people are playing around with, the question I have is even though the "fusion" that is being experimented with outputs less energy than that is required to operate it, would it not still produce neutrons and gamma rays v.i.a the deuterium fusion process? Furthermore, seeing videos of these online, IEC Fusion Devices I don't see that users have any shielding, like water placed around the perimeter to moderate neutrons or shield from gamma rays, etc.. or are they "built in" to the chamber walls or something? Or.. since it does not generate more energy than required to run it, does it fail to produce neutrons or gamma rays?


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Yes, D-T fusion reactions do produce neutrons and gamma rays as a byproduct of the reaction. These neutrons and gamma rays can be harmful to living organisms and can cause damage to materials, so it is important to use shielding to protect against them. In the case of the experimental pressurized D-T fusion chambers that you mentioned, it is likely that shielding is either built into the chamber walls or is placed around the perimeter of the chamber to protect against the radiation produced by the fusion reaction. It is also possible that the energy output of these experimental fusion devices is too low to produce significant amounts of neutrons and gamma rays, in which case additional shielding may not be necessary.


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Was (or even still is) the infamous Argentina-USA co-project website CrossFireFusion. Once I had the idea to use one of their suggested innovations, thus I asked our modellers to computer modelling this unit. Confusion was that it is working far off from proposed. I took all by shamelesness in hands and wrote to author the letter. And got the ansewer - we never tested our ideas in life.... The site main goal is to bound the potential investors money to that Project... :) :)