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michele stone

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Hi everyone,

Very new to all this, very new, not even enough knowledge to be dangerous at this point, first few steps along a very long road...... and have a question relating to a small PIR sensor that i have, they are designed for Arduino i think and rated at a working voltage range :DC 4.5-20V, which is fine as i'll be using a 12V battery to run it, but the Level output is High 3.3 V /Low 0V, so am i right to think that input is 12V but it will only supply 3.3V to whatever circuit that its a part off ?

It will run in my garage to turn some LED lights on when i'm in there pottering about and to turn them off when there is no activity, i use 12V PIR sensors outside like these that are purpose built for what i want but they are very bulky and these small PIR sensors are very discreet and i have them for some reason, not sure why.....

the datasheet for these are attached, could someone have a look and see if they are fit for purpose ? or should i get some other PIR like these one's ?

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hi ms,
Welcome to AAC.
That range of PIR's will work from 4.5v thru 20v, but the output voltage is either 0v or +3v.
ie: when activated its 3Vout.
Adjust the S pot for Sensitivity and T for the Activated ON time.
BTW: If your Arduino is powered from 5v, you can use an Analog input pin to detect 0v or 3v.