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I accidentally plugged my surround sound from America into a UK outlet without putting it through a step down transformer and it blew what I think might be a capacitor, I unfortunately don't have a circuit diagram, if anyone can help me identify this red part it would be amazing, I've also included 2 pics of the area it came from in the circuit.



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It looks like PTC thermistor, used to reduce input surges. Look at the SL22 series of thermistors. If you can't figure out the ohm value from the blasted out side of the part, use a 2.5 ohm. So the part number would be: SL22 2R5. Digikey carries it. Google "sl22 thermistor".


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If it is ACROSS the live and neutral, it could be a TVS (Transient voltage suppressor) used to remove mains spikes. One designed for use on 110v equipment would see 240v as a prolonged surge and try to absorb it. Most spikes only occur in microseconds and a TVS can dump many amps for such a short time, but not continuously.