Identification of switch type and replacement

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I am looking for a replacement to the button switch(?)below.
Please can someone tell me what type of switch this is and where I could get a replacement.
It is a push and hold to use button but if you slide it forward it locks into place to stay on. Is has two connector pins.
I am new to everything and trying to repair a few items and get into electronics.
Any and all help is very much appreciated.


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This is a specialty Switch, designed for a specific application.
A replacement may be very difficult to find if it must behave in the exact same manner as the original.


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The switch you're describing is a SPST momentary switch with a locking feature. (SPST = Single Poll Single Throw; that means it has one set of contacts that either make or break the circuit)
This is a specialty Switch
Yes, absolutely, something you won't find off the shelf. HOWEVER, you may be able to find a SPST switch the same size and shape that will fit in the original position. But here's the caveat; it will either be a momentary type that will always need to be held in position OR it is either in the ON position or OFF position, no "Momentary" about it. If either of those scenarios are acceptable to you then you could find something that will do.

If you have a part number or a better description of the switch, something with a data sheet that specifies the measurements as well as the current and voltage ratings then we might be able to help you find one of the switches I described that will both fit and work. But remember, it won't have both features of being Momentary and lockable in the ON position. It will either be ON or Momentary.