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Hi team

I need to find out what type of plastic that can pass through most (if not all) infrared signal. Where can I look, or what keyword to google? (Already tried "infrared passing plastic" with no meaningful results).



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Question is formulated like "what material should be to used for coulor filter" without of saying what color is interested in. Just if visible light higher and lower wavelength differs some 1.5 fold, then IR NIR differs from FIR at least about 1000-fold. You cant expect the transmission curve will be flat, where the molecular resonances of vibrations, rotation and translations go on wildly. So, expecting You mean not a FIR (however very interesting with that allows to see deep through the timbers and leafs in woodland), and You are not interested in MIR in-spite it is so desired for multiple anaye chemistry like fat content in coalescent liguids like milk etc because it not see the water) but You are interested in NIR as ir have plethora of ultra-cheap sensors and irradiators. So, most of the plastics have being transparent for that region, however if want to be sure, google "transmittance of XXX at NIR" or alternatively "Reflectance of..." what is particularly important parameter as well, giving responce from with a bunch of theory up to the zillions of other sources. I mean, instead XXX You must write the name of plastics under the choice.
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One option would be to search for "fiber optic cables for IR, or for infrared." and then narrow the search to plastic cables. Then you can look at the cable specifications and learn what kind of plastic is used.