I want to make a 24 hour clock using CD 40110

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Ronald Arjune

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I would like to make a 24 hour clock with seconds using the cd40110 ic. The clock must also go in reverse when I want it to. I understand that the cd40110 can count in reverse. I think I understand how to connect the 6 led 7 segment displays to it but I don't know how to wire gates to it so it can show time. I can use a 555 timer to clock pulse it. This is a lot to ask as a complex schematic may be required. If it is too difficult, just give me your thoughts of reflection and how to address my reasoning. Thanks.

How do I count to 5 and go back to 0 using 40110. I want to count 59 seconds or minutes.
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Because the binary digit data is not brought out, the only way to detect when to roll over is to decode the numbers based on the 7-segment outputs. This will take a LOT of gates. It will be much less effort and fewer parts if you use separate counter and decoder/driver chips for each digit. You will need a presettable up/down counter for each digit. There are many schematics on the internet for this.