I want to implement logic into my 120V H-bridge circuit

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Hello, I want to implement logic between my input signals which will come from the arduino and into my gate drivers. i would like to see if i can receive any input from you all on what would be the best strategy to achieve such task. To give some more context, it is a 4 n-channel transistor h bridge configuration that will be used to operate a motor at 120V. the main reason i want logic in between is to protect the circuit from receiving any false input logic while starting up the program and just want to have a double barrier of protection on what goes into my main circuit. so far i am toying with the idea of using buffers by themselves however, I feel like this could be more complex and i did not like the output signal being produced while running my input into the buffer.


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I picked a IC at random. This is a "H bridge" driver.
They come with or with out isolation. This one with out.
Some come with a input for each Gate. Some come with one input.
Some come with "dead time" built in. This makes the software easy.
This one has two connections to the Gate but most have only one pin/Gate.
Many have a shutdown (disable) pin that helps keep all FETS off during power up.