I need some project ideas

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Hey guys im taking electronics as a subject at school and find it very fun and interesting.
However at the moment we have been asked to start a new project and I cant think of any ideas of what I should do this project on.
The project requirements are that it must have at least four transducers, with at least one integrated device selected from the following: 555 astable or 555 monostable, gates, opamp (comparator), op-amp (inverting amplifier, op-amp (non-inverting amplifier), LCD, RF transmitter, RF receiver, IR receiver/decoder.
I was just wondering if any of you guys had any ideas of a fun project which meets those requirements?


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Some thoughts. A 555 for a variable square wave generator. Then a configuration of flipflops and/or gates to output I and Q..........AND I' and Q'. All four quads. Then perhaps one led at each output. You could vary the direction and speed of apparent rotation. The rotation rate would have to be slow, for obvious reasons.

You could replace the leds with small audio osc/amps and drive speakers separated by 10 feet or so. You could rotate tones or sound effects right around someone.

But it might be interesting to see at what rotation rates, your ears lose resolution.

If you get my drift.