I Need Ideas for Digital Design Project

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Hi everyone. I am taking Digital Design class in this semester. We covered some topics like counters, registers, memory and programmable logic (PROM, PLA, PAL, etc.), CPU, hazards, CMOS etc. So I am looking for projects that I can use what I have learned from this course. But unfortunately, I don't have any ideas for the project that I can do. I want to create project in ORCAD and after that, I want to implement it with hardware parts.

I just want to ask that, do you have any ideas for such project?


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Find something that has some interest to you. It can be anything (as long as it meets the requirements for the project, assuming this is a graded project -- if it isn't, then it can truly be anything).

Make a list of projects that interest YOU. Try to keep them simple, or at least be willing to simplify them as you get started. There is a HUGE amount of learning that can be had by coming up with an idea for a project and then discovering how poorly defined it actually turns out to be as you try to actually develop a design for it. The nice thing about it being YOUR project is that you are in the perfect position to make decisions regarding redefining the requirements or clarifying what your initial specs actually meant and should have been to begin with. That is something that is a lot harder to close the loop on when someone else gives you a project definition.

Also, it forces you to make the leap from an abstract idea for a project to a strategy to implement it.

Just don't try to get ahead of yourself. Keep it simple. If you come up with something that turns out to be a bit much for you at this point, then simplify it and keep doing so until you get it down to something that you can handle. If that turns out to be a blinking LED, then so be it. Once you get to the point where you have a problem statement that you can understand and that you can produce and implement a design that solves it, you can start adding in a bit of complexity one step at a time.


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Maybe a semi simple self evident output ckt using novel blinking LEDs. Example -- U tube- Susan Kunkel- 1 year ago- Lightning. Parallel shift registers, counter, NAND's , NOT's & LED's.