I need Help with 8 program led light controller

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zuhair mohammed

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hi guys,I'm looking for the 8 programs of led the light controller for my Arduino-Uno for my own Christmas tree
The 8 Functions
1. Combination
2. In Waves
3. Steady On
4. Slow Glow
5. Chasing
6. Slow FAde
7. Twinkle
8. Steady On
if you know where to find I will be so happy for that, thank you.


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Are you asking for code?

None of these patterns is terribly complicated and wouldn't be hard to reproduce as long as you are already familiar with coding. The most complex effect, in my opinion, would be the waves. You can get a nice throbbing effect using a sine wave with the lowest value chosen to not quite go dark. I guess I'm not sure how to achieve a twinkle effect. It might take careful observation of the desired effect to understand what it's really doing.

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zuhair mohammed

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thank you for your response,in fact I want to do them on Arduino and I'm new on that and I don't know how to start ,but , I know what I need, I'm trying to get ready programs and update them ,still looking for that to achieve my goal,thank you.:)


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I can give you a few suggestions. You may want to start with a RGB LED String similar to this one. Once you have a string or two you can cut some sections to length which suit you or just piggy back one string on another. The string I linked to has groups of 3 RGB LEDs and in a drawing they look like this:
5050 LED String.png
The string contains all the current limiting resistors. The above drawing also shows the use of FQP30N06 N Type MOSFETS which cost about a buck each from Sparkfun Electronics or vendor of your choice. The MOSFETS are driven directly from your Arduino using PWM, you can use for example digital pins 9, 10 and 11 just as an example. If you cut down your LED strings practice soldering before you actually solder any leads to the copper little pads. Use an exacto knife to trim the LED strip, as in the following images:


Now as to the button push. You can use another digital input pin where a button push will step you to different sections of your program. One method is "case" a google of "button push case in Arduino" will give you some examples. The idea is each button press brings up a new case of what to do, stepping through. This is where you will need to do some homework. Programming an Arduino is not very difficult and I suggest you download (copy and paste) some sample code. After you look at the code and think about what it is doing you will be able to get a handle on what is going on. Start with the basics and look at simple code samples. Google will be your new best friend. Google different terms and phrases, for example "LED Fade IN and Out Arduino" or LED Color Change Arduino" or "RGB LED Arduino". Over time and some study you will be able to piece chunks of code together.

Start with simple code samples. Then try other samples including effects like fade in and fade out. Eventually get into using the button and again when you include a button start simple stepping through simple routines. Hope this gives you a few ideas and some help.