I need a large elektronic kit


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i recently ordered from Texas Instruments, i believe they ship world wide. TI.com

i have also found youtubers (electronics related) that are from anywhere else but the us to mention different companys in thier videos and links besides amazon, but i have ordered alot from amz , digikey, mouser etc. ali express has tons of parts , you will get lost and lose track of time - fore warning! lol

i like "ben eater" and "drone bot workshop" to name a couple you tube sites , the rest will populate your feed as suggested.

hope that helps


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Mouser and Digikey have distribution centers in Eindhoven. From €50,- they ship for free, maybe also to Belgium. I recommend you order from them and not from Ebay, Aliexpress, Banggood, Amazon etc. Then you know you get what you ordered. Debugging circuits with counterfeit components reduces the fun of electronics.

Do you know what parts you want? Some resistors, transistors, diodes, opamps, logic chips, breadboard, hook-up wire. If you don't, many people here could make good suggestions on what to order.


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Stay away from eBay Amazon and chinese websites.
Why, have you personally had a bad buying experience from these suppliers.?

I buy lots of items from eBay and Amazon with very minor problems on rare occasions.


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Going with vessels to European ports in UK, Germany, Denmark and Netherlands, more than 30++ years ago, I had the chance to buy a lot of tools and components on the counter.

Are small shops all vanished?


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I pretty much stopped buying anything on eBay that ships from China. Some sellers have posted pictures with sufficient resolution to tell that they're counterfeit. I report them whenever I come across them, but I doubt that eBay cares.

There was a member who bought some cheap temperature sensors on eBay a few years ago. None of them worked because they were actually transistors remarked as temperature sensors.

I've bought counterfeit parts unknowingly on Amazon. The last was a BMW ignition switch, complete with BMW logo and part number. Unfortunately, I didn't find out that it was counterfeit until after I had installed it and didn't feel like replacing it again. The seller told me that they were supposed to scrape the BMW logo off.

My first purchase from Ali Express was for some 64GB MicroSD cards. They were actually 8GB parts hacked to appear to be higher capacity. When you wrote more data than the actual capacity, it started overwriting existing data. It was a real hassle to get the seller to give me a 100% refund. She wanted me to take a partial refund because she was a victim too. I rarely buy components from them, but I'm fine with some of their other low quality items.