i need a basic industrial dielectric breakdown

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does anyone know where i can get a blown apart dielectric breakdown(industrial conveyer) and a basic wiring diagram for said unit?.
cant take in house documents home and i need to research these units for my job. Any help would be appreciated. The large rectifier arrays are they for inversion or capacitor input control.


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Maybe English is not your first language and the translator has made it's best guess.

I'm not at all sure what you are talking about. A dielectric is an insulating material placed between conducting plates of a capacitor. Breakdown occurs when the voltage between the plates is raised to a very high level. The breakdown usually destroys the device. Why would anyone want to do that intentionally?

I do know what an industrial conveyor is, but I'm not sure how it relates to a "dielectric breakdown".

Maybe you could provide a link to an online resource.


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Certainly we need a more detailed explanation of what the TS is in need of. It may be the diagram of a conveyor system, which is not likely to be available for a custom built conveyor, or a commercially made package either. If it is in a factory and the TS needs to do some repairs, hopefully they have the circuit on file.
But really, the question as stated makes no sense.