I have a following message during creating new component using manufacturer-spice model in Multisim.

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  1. Dong-gyu Jang

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    Jun 26, 2015

    I have the message shown in the attached image during new component creation. I was trying to make optocoupler from manufacturer-spice model. The model and datasheet are also attached.

    I'm really not familar with spice model text and but I guess it is because there are two .SUBCKT in the model, which are HCPL6N136 and LED.
    If this is true, should I separately make two components for each SUBCKT? Even if I can do, How can I couple them? LED gives signal to photo-detector in optical way and I really don't know how to realize this optical coupling in Multisim.

    Please give me some comments.
  2. crutschow


    Mar 14, 2008
    You cannot separate any part of a opt coupler model. The optical "coupling" is done in the model.

    But I've never seen a model with two subcircuits so I'm not sure how that would be handled. :confused:
    You might try moving the .ENDS HCPL6N136 to the end of the definition to see if that works.
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    The "LED" subckt is called from the "HCPL6N136" subckt at the end of the "xled" line. LED at that line is lowercase but the netlist should be interpreted as case insensitive. I dont have Multisim, but your spice model symbol should specify a value of "HCPL6N136" as its spice model.
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    If I understand you, it is the other way round: a SUBCKT containing two or more MODELs.

    The MODELs are well defined parts (types) clearly mentioned in the Help section.


    Sorry. Discard my comment above.. I does not apply here.

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