I have a Allegro A4963 that will be used to control a fan motor. I also have the evaluation board. Programming Defaults?

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We need to change the default values on an Allegro A4963 BLDC controller to use it in motor controls for a fan system. We have the chips and we have the evaluation board. What we cannot seem to do is set the defaults to the registers we desire. Note: we don't have an engineer that is familiar with SPI programming so they have asked the IT guy (me) about it.

I can get everything hooked up. The software reports on screen and shows connected. The eval board is powered by 5V and we can read the registers on the chip. If we press the overwrite button on the software the SPI indicators roll through some memory locations and report they are done = Write. But if we then reload the chip it goes back to the default values.

We really need to know the best way to insert the registers our electrical engineer has specified onto the chip as the defaults - but have little to no experience in doing so. Can someone assit?