I can't figure out what battery is needed.

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I have a device that is missing a battery and I'm having trouble figuring out what type of battery goes in it. There a chip that says 2SES on it. It might also be numbered as XT2052Y2ASR-G. I'm unable to find a data sheet for it so I can figure out what battery is needed. Can anyone help me out?

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If it is the one on Amazon they suggest :-
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The item came from a pallet my friend got. I'm trying to use a Google translate, but I'm not having much luck.


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Index Operating voltage:4.25-6.5V Maximum charging current: 1000mA static power consumption, 40uA control mode, Linear charging voltage fine-tuning (Y/N) , N Package:ESOP-8

product description
The XT2052 is a charger circuit chip that can charge a single rechargeable lithium battery with constant current/constant voltage. The device includes a power transistor inside and does not require external current assays and flow-blocking diodes for application. The XT2052 requires very few peripheral components and complies with USB bus specifications, making it ideal for portable applications.

Thermal modulation circuits can keep the chip temperature within a safe range when the device consumes more power or the ambient temperature is high. The internally fixed constant-voltage charging voltage is 4.2Vand the charging current is set by an external resistor. When the input voltage (AC adapter or USB power supply) is powered down, the XT2052 automatically enters low-power sleep mode, at which point the battery consumes less than 0.1μAof current. Built-in anti-irrigation protection circuit that automatically turns off the built-in power MOSFET when the battery voltage is higher than the input voltage. Other features include low input voltage latching, automatic recharging, and charging status /end-of-charge status indication.

The XT2052 packages the ESOP8 in a small, 8-pin form factor with a thermally enhanced 8-pin
Product features
l Programmable, charging current up to 1.0A

l No external MOSFET, sensing resistance, and flow resistance diodes are required

l Small size for full linear charging management of lithium-ion batteries

l Constant current / constant pressure operation and thermal regulation make battery management the most efficient, there is no risk of heat overtaking

l Manage single-chip lithium-ion batteries from the USB interface

l Charging status indicator and full status flag

l 1/10 Charging current is terminated

l Auto-recharge

l Provides 40mA current when stopped working

l 2.9V trickle charging threshold voltage

l Soft start limits surge current

l When the VIN is unplugged, the IC does not consume battery energy

l The output has anti-irrigation protection

l In the form of ESOP8 and customer-ordered packages

l Mobile phone
l Digital camera
l MP4 player
l Bluetooth app
l Electronic dictionary
l Portable device
l Various chargers
l Move the power supply