I am looking to for strict feedback on this H-bridge design (3kW)

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Hi all, I am looking for serious feedback on this H-bridge design that will be used to drive a brushed DC motor, from a 3kW dc power supply.
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Please define feedback.
I have made supplies that keep the motor at 1000rpm. The speed of the motor is feed back.
There are motor supplies that limit the current to 30 amps.
Most supplies keep the voltage constant, and keep the current bellow a limit. CVCC

Is the motor ground supply the same as the PWM ground? Probably not so you need monitor the voltage across the motor. You probably also need isolation.

Can you post a schematic?


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To control some variable by means of feedback from some other variable by means of feedback requires that any attempt at it needs to specify what is sensed. The common variables sensed are speed and torque, but by no means the only ones.
NONE were mentioned.