I am looking for a simulation program for a beginner ...

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I apologize if this question has been asked many times.

I am looking for a program with which it will be easier for a beginner to understand the operation of simple digital circuits, and most importantly, clearly.

I found several programs, but which one to choose?

1. Proteus.
2. NI Multisim
3. Micro-Cap
4. Qucs
5. DoCircuits
6. DLC - Discrete Logic Constructor.

Or advise something else?
Need by simple discrete logic.


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Welcome to AAC!

For digital, I prefer Digital Works. It's pretty straightforward to create your own components. It's no longer being supported and it lacks some useful features, but I prefer it to all others I've tried.

Other options are Cedar Logic and Logisim. I tried MultisimBlue and hated it.