Hybrid Energy System Circuitry: HELP!

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    I'm wondering about the feasibility of a project I'm working on for school. My group is creating a hybrid system that will integrate a 100-W solar panel, 400-W wind turbine, and a piston-driven turbine wave energy generator. Energy will be stored in a 12V deep cycle marine battery. We haven't settle on a load, but we're thinking 5-10 lights, depending on how much power we can get out of the system. The solar panel and turbine have been purchase and waiting on materials to build the wind energy generator.

    My whole group is made up of mechanical engineering students. We don't know a lick about electrical. We just know we're using an Arduino controller and we know a tiny bit of C++. There's a group that did a similar project and had the advantage of help from a professor that's no longer with the school. They had some success with their project. I have part of the circuit board used by the previous group:
    We're working on identifying the parts on the board and what they do, but we're still a bit over our heads.

    I've been told that these components may not appropriate for the amount of power that will be coming in (mostly from the solar and wind components).

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    It looks like you have 6 fast switching voltage regulators and 4 linear voltage regulators. Quick way to find out is to look up the part numbers on the chips.
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