HV Power Supply Problem

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Greetings. I have a Made-in-China power supply, model CX-600A, that was working fine, putting out 15kV with the output pot set as it came from factory. Then it started misbehaving, toggling on and off about once a second. I can't find any instructions or troubleshooting info on the Web.


Does anyone have any thoughts as to how to work on this? Thanx.


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Here's probably what happened ..................
The insulation on the Secondary-Winding is probably just barely adequate for the Voltage-Rating.

Any type of High-Voltage "Fly-Back" type Power-Supply must have a load on it's output at all times.
With no-Load, the Voltage-Spikes can go way higher than what the Wire-Insulation is rated for.
This can cause internal arcing, which can easily create an internal Short-Circuit.

This is well demonstrated by an Automotive-Ignition-Coil.
The Spark-Plug-Gap provides a "Zener-Diode-Effect", and
limits how high the Secondary-Voltage can get.
If you operate the Coil with the Spark-Plug-Wire removed,
the Voltage can go to the Moon, and damage the Insulation on the Secondary-Windings,
which, of course, ruins the Coil.

Buy another one, and be sure to provide a Spark-Gap or Resistor to protect the Coil.

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Any make and model number maybe, ?
CX-600A 600W High Voltage Power Supply DC 5KV~60KV (https://www.solidrop.net/product/hi...black-and-dust-air-purifiers-air-ionizer.html)
This is a high voltage power supply ,you can use it to generate the high voltage output , it has these protection functions: shortcut protection: when the positive output line and the negative output line are shorted ,the output voltage will be cut off Preventing spark-over protection: when the electrostatic field is genetating a spark-over,the HV power supply will cut the output, after one second, the output will be restarted again, the preventing spark-over protection function can also be shut down by the protentiometer on the box,in the video, the preventing spark-over protection function is also closed, so the HV power supply can continuously generate the high voltage spark between the positive and negative line. you can change the output voltage continuously with the protentiometer on the box. Application occasions : High voltage electric field, Electrotatic air cleaner,Industrial pollution gas purification,electrostatic field,clean smoke, air purifiers ,air ionizer,etc model: CX-600A Input voltage: 180V~260V(AC 50/60Hz) output voltage: 5KV~60KV(DC)(continuously) output current:0~10mA(DC) Max output power:600W weight: 3.2kg size:320mm*230mm*120mm

I took note of the auto shutdown function. The version of the unit I have doesn't have the metal casing. It has two obvious pots, one labeled "voltage" and the other without a readable label in English, I assume it's the auto shutdown function, bit it has made no difference to my problem.

What to do?
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