HV plasma ball transformer ?

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I mapped out the schematic of a plasma ball/globe (that works IRL) , and the HV inductor part is just a 4.8uH inductor on the collector of a Darlington, whose base is capacitively switched on/off from a seperate oscillator circuit made from a Hex inverter.

The HV inductor has 4 pins, out of circuit using an LCR meter, only 2 are connected via the 4.8uH winding. The other 2 have no connection to each other or the winding, it's all off-limit on inductance, Rs, Rp, and there's only 2pF Cp between them. Also tho, in circuit, the top of the inductor share a trace with pin 3, and the bottom of the inductor, shares a trace with the pin 4. So ??

Then there's the HV tip, it has 5pF Cp to the inductor, and 1.7kohm DCResistance to the inductor.

Looking at this video and the schematic at 8min
There should be some other coil ? What's going on ? My HV trans does look about the same shape as any other cheap plasma ball HV transformer.

Here's a snap of the non-working schematic, minus an electret mic on base of Q2
plasma ball.PNG
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