Huntron 1005 Oscillator can we find the problem?

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Hi All,
like many the Oscillator died in my Huntron 1005B. as you know they are no where to be found. I came across the old kit schematic and figured I would try and build one. My 1st problem was IC1 and IC2 as they are not identified in the original schematic. I was told by some members to try LM336.
At this point I have made the PCB but its a no go. I seem to be able to adjust the gain a bit but it seems to go into clipping very fast. The frequency does not adjust at all. So here I am bringing it to the pros. It should produce 80Hz at 10VPP.
Any suggestions or see any errors?
Best regards

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If it looks like this . The Oscillator is dead. Guaranteed. I think all the others are jealous.LOL It's a great tool to have..
I had about 10 of the 2000 series. Donated all but one of them because the test voltages (LOW (10Vpk), MED1 (15Vpk), MED2 (20Vpk) and HIGH (60Vpk) ranges ) are potentially dangerous to components inside modern low-voltage circuits. Analog signature analysis (ASA) was great when things were a lot more primitive. white paper.pdf

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