ht12e encoder for RF -interface to uC problem.

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Hi all, Just sent this message to Vishay electronics who I think make the encoder.
"Hi, Your ht12e encoder. I need fast electronic switching for a data pin. A microcontroller outputs a high which I need to turn into a low at a data pin for transmission. Working ok manually. Have tried a npn transistor but not working. The low must have to be very low on the data pin as leakage voltage from the transistor must be holding it off. Manually connecting the low works.
Can you suggest an electronic circuit to do this. It may be a transistor or mosfet perhaps. The output from the microcontroller is every 10ms."
Any ideas how to do this? Must need a very high output impedance connected to the data pin when low not connected as in removing the grounding wire from the data pin.

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The HT12E is manufactured by Holtek, not Vishay, so I doubt they will be of much help.

Also, the HT12E doesn't seem to have anything to do with what you describe. Can you describe in more detail and maybe even a diagram of what you are trying to accomplish?


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What is the microcontroller used for?

Since it is a microcontroller, can you change the code to output the desired signal under the proper conditions? I see it as a simple code change.
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