Hp Pavilion dv6-3011so GPU reflow failed, help troubleshoot.

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I had problems with this laptop..

- Screen stay black when booting
- Fans running , HDD spinning and power light works.
- Caps lock blinking slow but continiously, no error beep from speakers
- No picture on external monitor

Checked from Hp support that this code means CPU but i reseated it and swapped to another and same thing happens.
Previous owner said that it starts working when heated up. ( turn on for few hours or block air channels with tape or someting ).

That made me think its GPU related, so i thinked about doing reflow, removed mobo and all tapes and connections i could, used heat gun to heat up whole mobo first and then 3 chips ( amd southbridge included ). around 200-250c with infrared thermometer about 30sec per chip.
Let it cool and tested then this happened:

-No fans running or hdd spinning
-When i plug in AC power after few seconds that light turns bluish ( normal ) and stays like that.
-Power switch light wont turn on or any other light

I used flux for reflow which should be accepted for eletronics, but i see burn marks where i put it. ( Under chips )Tried cleaning those off with isopropanol but couldnt remove it after reflow.
Also mobo seems to be bit browner from spots which i heated up.

Below is picture of gpu chips


Burn marks from flux?


amd southbridge which i reflowed aswell.


Is it completely toasted and nothing can be done?