HP Agilent 54832B Power Supply

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First of all I would like to say hi to you all!
I am quite a beginner into electronics and that makes my situation even worse. I have purchased a scope from eBay, an HP Agilent 54832B. Unfortunately on its trip the PSU got damaged somehow. To be more precise the +/-5V lines do not output the correct values (instead of 5V I get 05mv). Does any one has any idea if there is a replacement for this PSU (Agilent 0950-4462 Celestica 5100 Series Modular Power Supply,100-240V ,400W)? Or where I could find the schematics of it?



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If you google 'agilent' followed by the part number you will get a list of places that sell and repair this PSU.
Incidentally, the part number you give does not agree with the part number on the PSU picture you attached.