How User EnodeB decide the size of information that User Equipment has to send to it in LTE (4g) wireless?

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Hello guys,
How it is decided that how many resource elements are utilized for control or to carry data between EnodeB and UE? I mean lets assume UE have 100000000000 packets of data to send to EnodeB , how does the UE know how much data(how many packets0 it will send to EnodeB? for instance every 100packets or X packets ...or whatever ... how does the UE knows how much data from what it has to send to EnodeB ?

How does the procedure of determining the size of frame to be sent to/from EnodeB is done? which parameters determine the size of the data that need to be sent from UE to/from EnodeB?

Assume there's more than UE connected to EnodeB at the same Time.

Appreciated for any help.