How to work with the following adapter (weird pin layout).

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Hey guys,

as part of a university project i want to use the following adapter (, where the output pins are in a standard grid of 2.54mm, but have an offset of 1.27mm per row. Also the rows are 1.9mm apart.
My first idea was to use a smoldering board ( but the grid layouts aren't fitting. Even though i presume this adapter has to follow a standard layout that I just don't know about...
The goal is to measure the voltages between some of the pins, for which I want to extrapolate them for a comfortable measuring... I'm thinking there must be an easy way to do this, as this adapter is sold on the standard market, and I jsut dont have the experience. If you could give me any suggestions on this I would be damn thankful!

Best regards from Germany ^^


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Create a PCB to meet your requirements.
Yeah, I know of that possibility, but as I have never done that (and as a consequence have 0 experience with that), I hoped for another solution. As this kind of PIN-Layout has to be some kind of standard norm, right? So why aren't there any fitting counter pieces is what frustrates me -.-


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Welcone to AAC.

Although the pitches involved are standard, and the arrangement in rows is common, this sort of connector is not normally expected to be used in a place where some sort of manufactured breakout board would be an item worth trying to sell.

As far as making one for yourself, I would suggest spending a few minutes looking at JLCPCB’s EasyEDA tool. It is a free PCB CAD tool that is relatively easy to use and is connected directly to their service which is well regarded.

There are quite a few options for PCB fabrication and it would be easy to get mired in just looking at the possibilities for the “best”—so I strongly suggest just trying the JLCPCB offering since your goal is the connector breakout, not finding the “best” PCB service.

The bottom line is making your own may not be as much of a problem as you think, and it will open other opportunities if you have that tool in your box.

Good luck.