How to wire in a 24v circuit breaker/ reset button.

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I bought this mobility scooter that was running slow, then found it was wired wrong? It was running on 12v instead of 24v so I fixed that but I have no idea how to wire in the circuit breaker/reset button? I connected it back up to the way it was and it turned into an arc welder!!! The two battery terminals are connected together on the terminals of two 12v batteries in the photo, another lead connects the other two battery terminals, it was the only way I could think of to connect them for 24v. The circuit breaker is AC 125v/250v 50hz/60hz. DC 12v, 24v, 48v, 65v. All the rest of the 12v wiring is Okay, my main problem is making sure I've got this 24v circuit breaker wired properly because there is no + or - on the circuit breaker and no fuse except for the 10amp fuse on the control box. The two lots of wires are coming directly from the 24v battery setup, one pair to the control box the other two to the circuit breaker/reset button? I can't upload my photos to show you this because they are too big? Any help will be appreciated.


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IT sounds very much like you have no understanding about circuits, series or parallel, and getting serious sparking indicates doing something wrong.
The good news is that circuit breakers are not polarized, so either way can be fine.
BUT first you need to study basic circuits and understand them prior to causing a lot of damage.