How to Stabilize the Output Voltage Using a OP AMP Comparator Circuit and Draw Current(1A) from it?


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OK. What is the purpose of the 741? How is it being used in this particular circuit?
Glad you asked. :)
Pin 2 is the 741 summing junction, with linear negative feedback from -Vo to this junction.
It adjusts -Vo so that the pin 2 voltage is equal to the pin 3 (+) voltage (0V / ground), which means -Vo always equals (+)Vo (the tracking function).

The 741 may be "comparing" two voltages, but it's doing it in a linear feedback mode, not as an open-loop, digital-out comparator.



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Exactly. So a comparator with an analog output?
No. Read what I said again.
The usual definition of an analog "comparator" circuit is a high gain amp with a differential input, operating open-loop (or possibly with a small positive feedback to give some hysteresis to the trip point) and giving a digital (2-state) output.
If the amp is operated with closed-loop negative feedback to give an analog output, it is operating as an op amp, not a comparator.

Comparators, by definition, do not have an analog output.


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Maybe this will help, referring to the schematic in post #22, the circuit with the opamp is applying feedback based on how close to ground (pin 1, - input) the inverting input (pint 2, - input) is. The amplified difference is used to force the negative output voltage to a voltage tcauses the voltage on pin 2 to be as close as possible as ground. Essentially, comparators only have two states. Opamps have continuously varying outputs.