How to Simultaneously Handle Battery Charging between Wind, Solar, Combustion Generator

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Im contemplating using all three of these power sources in a scenario. The ultimate goal is to optimize the use of all three. (E.G. when wind dies out and doesnt produce a SET AMPERAGE, then Solar or Generator (or both) kicks in.) The question in my mind however is how to automatically handle all three sources coming in at once without creating a small catastrophe?

How do you allow all three power sources to charge the deep cycle batteries without "zapping" the other? (e.g. Generator feeding voltage into the Solar or Wind Turbine) Im assuming that all three must charge separately, but I'd like to either run them simultaneously, OR automatically manage how they supply power.

Is there affordable consumer equipment one can readily buy to accomplish this?


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If you have a proper charge controller then all you need is diode (Schottky diode) isolation (OR circuit) for each source if the DC voltage range for each charging source is within the the operational range for the charger DC input minus the iso diode drop.


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The problem would be power from one source flowing back into another source not designed to accept power. The simple solution is a diode in series with each source so that each source can only feed power to the battery (the load). Circuit breakers should also be included to prevent damage if one source has a failure. They are the protection.