How to Simulate LED Photo diode in LT spice

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Hello Members,

How to simulate 5 mm clear LED, color RED as photo diode in LT spice
Any simulation which I am able to download would be appreciated.



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You could simulate it as a voltage-controlled current or voltage source, depending on which mode the diode is to be used in. The voltage control would represent illumination.


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LTspice has several LEDs in its database of components. Select the LED symbol and place it into your schematic. Right-click over the symbol and select "Pick New Diode". You can also add models into the LTspice database (best to add a new directory for your models, just to keep LTspice clean), and select which of them you want to use. Here are three models I came across sometime in the past. They may help you to get started on modeling LEDs.

*Typ RED GaAs LED: Vf=1.7V Vr=4V If=40mA trr=3uS
.MODEL LED1 D (IS=93.2P RS=42M N=3.73 BV=4 IBV=10U
+ CJO=2.97P VJ=.75 M=.333 TT=4.32U)
*Typ RED,GREEN,YELLOW,AMBER GaAs LED: Vf=2.1V Vr=4V If=40mA trr=3uS
.MODEL LED2 D (IS=93.1P RS=42M N=4.61 BV=4 IBV=10U
+ CJO=2.97P VJ=.75 M=.333 TT=4.32U)
*Typ BLUE SiC LED: Vf=3.4V Vr=5V If=40mA trr=3uS
.MODEL LED3 D (IS=93.1P RS=42M N=7.47 BV=5 IBV=30U
+ CJO=2.97P VJ=.75 M=.333 TT=4.32U)

Cordell has some LED models also at