[How To] Simple wireless switch

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Darren Midkiff 1

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I am looking to design a pair of ASICs (transmitter and receiver) such that whenever the transmitter is supplied power, the receive allows AC to flow through it. The system would likely look extremely similar to a remote controlled power outlet.

What do I need to look into learning about to accomplish this?

I assume that RF is the best way to accomplish the wireless component, but do I need a whole RF transmitter and receiver board like this (http://cdn.sparkfun.com/datasheets/...5MHz_ASK_RF_Transmitter_Module_Data_Sheet.pdf) for a simple boolean transmission, or is there a simpler method to send and receive only one unmodulated signal?

Is the simplest way to go from RF signal to closed switch to first convert the received signal to a digital high and send that to a Solid State Relay?


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It will depend on the control distance and where the AC comes from...how much AC (V/A)...you are controlling.....and how well you want to control that AC.

There are cheap off the shelf units. Preform dissection and autopsy for ideas.