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    May 10, 2011
    Hello all. I am new to wireless transmissions and am in need of a little bit of advice.

    I have set up a mercury switch in a circuit in one enclosure with a pair of lights for when then the circuit closes. in a separate enclosure, i have another light and a buzzer which will also go off when the circuit is closed by the mercury switch. This is a pretty simple and straightfoward circuit. its in the off state when the mercury switch is level, and when it is tilted it completes and makes the lights and buzzer go off. Simple.

    well, now, what i want to do, is have the light and buzzer separate (in another room) from the mercury switch and somehow transmit a simple wireless signal that will make it go off when the mercury switch is tripped.

    I really dont know anything about rf or wireless but this is pet project im working on and need some guidance and starting points. The signal has to be strong enough to travel around 20 to 30 feet and go through walls, or a car, or whatever.

    Any suggestions?
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