How to search for hobby interests in your same area ?

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Several times I tried to find hobbyist in my area (city, county, state) with no success.
Do you know of a method or link that provides such ?
When I looked for a hobby machinist, had no means to find one. Same with electronics hobbyists to share parts, projects, help each other : nothing.
Or germinating seeds; stamp collecting, flying/making kites, pottery, brewing, baking, or kayaking; or making jewelry, woodworking, fishing, or metal detecting, glassblowing or archery, zillion different activities done daily around, perhaps at the next block, perhaps at the next town...
No "directory" to connect with them. Facebook was of no help to this specific search. Is there one site where the country or area is chosen and then contact people with same interests ?
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Some hobbies are easier to find groups interests in. Drinking and gambling groups meet regularly and are full of people with other hobby passions.