How to power a project with multiple components?

Discussion in 'Power Electronics' started by Damirverkic13, Oct 10, 2016.

  1. Damirverkic13

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    Oct 10, 2016
    I'm working on a senior project and my responsibility is the power supply. Ideally, I want a battery in our device that needs to power 3 components: A touchscreen monitor (+12v for backlight, +5v for monitor), an FPGA board (+7 - 15v), and a microcontroller (+3.3 - 5v). This battery should power the device and should be able to charge via USB (if my current draw is low enough) or via wall outlet.

    What would be the best approach for this? Thank you!
  2. opanin17

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    Jun 6, 2014
    boost a 12V battery voltage to 15V DC and use lm7805 .....check this link
  3. ci139


    Jul 11, 2016
    1. specify a power profile your devices/modules in enough detail
    2. describe specific situations
      • startup
      • normal/extreme operation -- suspending -- dynamic mode control
      • event schedule the modules / versus simultaneos op. for
      • e.c.
    3. select/design your power sources
    4. consult - get your design evaluated/revised by someone else
    repeat/improve the design steps -- while required
  4. wayneh


    Sep 9, 2010
    Also be aware that you can buy all manner of DC-DC converters on e-bay for cheap. Don't waste time designing something until you're certain it's not available, because it will be available.

    If you don't care too much about efficiency, you could just use linear voltage regulators such as 7805 already mentioned, the 7812, or the LM317 to dial in whatever voltage you want.