How to pick the right NTC thermistor for dc-dc converter inrush current limitation?

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Hi, I use a high power dc-dc boost converter that is attached below. I supply this converter through two parallel Rechargeable 9volt batteries that lead to a smaller dc-dc boost converter which outputs a steady 11.5 Voltage to my high power converter. So, this 11.5V output is the input of the high power dc-dc converter. The output of the high power dc-dc converter is regulated at 65V through it's CV. In addition, it's output current it's regulated at 22mA through it's CC, as well. The maximum output load connected to the high power dc-dc boost converter is about 12k ohms, through a pot, and the minimum output load connected to it is about 2k ohms. My problem is the following. When I turn on the above circuit there is a big inrush current that I want to limit throug an NTC thermistor. But which thermistor should I pick? What should it's ratings be? Ideally, I would like to limit the inrush current, down to 1A -1.5A. I found an inrush current calculator but I dont know how to use it. I attach the calculator below, as well.