How To List Windows Processes And Services In Alphabetical Order

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Glenn Holland

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This question should have been posted under Computing & Networks, but I can't find that topic on the general listing on AAC.

I keep the Windows Task Manager and Resource Monitor open all the time my computer is running and I would like to know how to display the Processes and services in alphabetical order instead of in a random list as shown in the photo.

I've clicked on the header of the lists for Processes and Services, but that makes them disappear and it's difficult to get them displayed again.


Analog Ground

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If I click on "Name" or "Image" at the top of the columns, it toggles the list of items in alphabetical or reverse alphabetical order. Is that what you want?


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It looks like it is working for your services. Click on the IMAGE column in your processes to see if it reorders like you want. You may be having problems with your AV.

Looks like you're running WIN7. Same here, but no problems on this end.