How to Interface with Tiny OLED with 0.65mm Pitch Connector

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Eric Kubischta

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I want to drive some very small displays (less than 1 inch wide) and I found these 0.83" and ordered them. Without thinking...

My question in: How the heck do I interface with this little guy? - From what I can tell in the spec, it is a 0.65mm pitch, 28 pin connector. I cannot find anywhere any kind of female connector for this - so...what do I do? Is there any kind of connector that will convert this to 2.54mm pitch holes so I can mount it to my PCB?

It seems it has to be soldered on - but I am just prototyping really and can't really etch a board.

Any thoughts? Here is a pic and a pic of the dimensions, etc.


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No problem to pin these on adapter pcb.

You need a standard 50w station, a broad tip and have flux ready but often not needed.

Be careful the gold plating would alloy, so don't solder on it too long.

On a pcb with pads manual attachment at this pitch is more difficult.

Basically you add 1mm solder then draw back and forth a few times remove the shorts the same way and press down with the tip a little.

Using a point tip at this pitch isn't practical at all and the heat conductivity is poor it deforms quick as well