how to implement the pi controller for boost converter in pv system

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    Sep 11, 2015
    hi.... i have desined the pv and boost converter(open loop). i have implemented the lookup table mppt for maximum power(ie maximum voltage ) and i have found the duty cycle to maintain contant bus voltage(60v) for those mpp voltage(for various irradiation condition). These values i have assigned for lookup table and used as mppt which gives duty cycle for boost converter.
    When i change the input voltage of boost converter(stepchange30v to 32v),the corresponding duty cycle given to boost converter(from lookup table) to achieve 60v output. the steady value is achieved in 0.60s without pi controller.
    1. Now how should i implement the pi controller so that i achieve the constant voltage of 60v at output of boost converter so that it settles much faster than 0.60s when input voltage is changed. Please help.. i got struck..

    eg. for irradiation 600 of pv i get maximum power with maximum voltage to 30v then to achieve 60v at output of boost convert the duty cyle to be given is 0.5104. with the 800 irradiation voltage as 30.4(Vmp) the dutycyle is 0.504 to achieve 60v. now where should i implement the pi controller to achieve fast response for change in input voltage and to maintain constant 60v at output