How to Getting started with MEMS IMU sensors

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I am looking for an information on how to get ROLL, PITCH and YAW using sensor. I have some knowledge on interfacing protocols such as SPI, I2C, UART and parallel communications.. I want to design a device which will give precision 3Dof(Roll, pitch and YAW) data. I am newbie to this concept.. I have gone thru searching on google and got confused finally.. can anyone suggest me that what are the basics(i.e. theory and procedures or books ) I have to learn to make 3DOF devices. Suggest me a sensor from Analog devices to make 3DOF device.


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Try looking around here and there. They both sell inexpensive IMU systems to learn on.

The basics are the mathematical concepts of 3D navigation. There are plenty of cookbook applications on the web.

I've used a few for some controller IMU demos.