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An approach that has yet to be mentioned concerns and enhancement to the forum software. I don’t know if this would be possible nor useful. Hence I suggest it as an idea.

For any given post, certain characteristics can be determined. Initial responses could be automated based on these characteristics.

I think it is clear that many posts could benefit from reading certain “stickies”. I also hypothesize that they are not read due to laziness on the part of the TS but due to an ignorance as to their existence. Possibly extending to an ignorance of what a sticky is!

Let’s say there is a post from a new member. Start there. The Forum automatically responds with links to a sticky on how to ask a question. This approach, once implemented, can be extended. Sort of an AI approach.

The authors of the forum might find this a valuable enhancement.

Members, what do ye think?
What will it say if we make offensive suggestions to it?