How to get exact count?

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    Jul 8, 2013

    I have recently seen an interesting circuit in the post - Bidirectional visitor counter. It is mentioned that it helps to count the number of people entering and leaving a particular hall.

    I want to do this project, but i have following doubts.

    1) The present circuit only counts the number of people entering and leaving the hall. In this case, if a person 'X' enters and leaves the room for 10 times, it shows that 10 people entered and 10 people left the hall. But I want this circuit to count a person only once. i.e. if a person enters and leaves the hall even 100 times, it should treat it as 1 person. How to modify this circuit?

    2) I want to build this circuit without microcontroller... How to modify it?

    3) Kindly don't treat it as a silly doubt... Whether this circuit can count only human beings or even the others like any pets, etc. as some members go to some places along with their pets. So, I want this circuit to count only humans. How to do like this?

    4) Is it possible to divide the gender using the same circuit i.e. number of men entering the hall and number of women entering the hall? If yes, let me know the logic behind it.

    Kindly clarify my doubts.
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    Oct 2, 2009
    4) You will need a gender identification circuit for this.
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    Actually, I think you should ask Chief O'Brien from Deep space 9 about how their internal sensors work.
    Or maybe, use some ID system like RFID tags to monitor who is entering and leaving.
    Or make someone sit at the door and count the visitors, decide which gender they belong to and whether they are human or not, and make notes.
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    Oct 18, 2012
    What you are asking is a very loaded question - this is a very complex problem. There are any number of variables to account for.

    My initial thoughts would be some sort of facial recognition solution that can keep track of people and whether or not they entered a room before.

    In short, this circuit will not work for what you want. Modified however you'd like, without another portion doing the heavy lifting, this circuit simply can't do what you ask.
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    2) If you dont want to use microcontroller, just set up 2 digital counters - one for counting people who enter and one for counting people who exit.

    The sensors can be IR or manual push buttons.

    4) If you want to count genders who enter and exit, then just use 4 digital counters. Mount 2 push buttons on the enterance, one red and one green. The male would press the red button while female would press the green button. Same with the exit.

    No idea how to do 1) and 3) without using uC. To identify the same person entering the hall multiple times is tough without he/she carrying some kind of RF transmitter.

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    Oct 15, 2009
    How do YOU intend to determine if a person has already been counted? Or what types of user inputs could be asked of these visitors? Or must this all be without user intervention?

    How do YOU expect this to work without some seriously advanced methods like microcontrollers/facial recognition/gender discrimination software,etc...
    What you are asking is FAR.. FAR from a simple task. Unless you give us examples of acceptable methods to determine these questions.. Is pressing a button or series of buttons as you come in/out acceptable? Is this a known list of people where finger print recognition could be used? ,etc... etc....

    How do YOU intend to differentiate the objects passing in/out of the rooms?

    How do YOU intend to determine gender with your device? What about a tube that is waist high with a 4 inch recessed button and ask them to drop their pants and press the button.. Those that can't are female/animals (or Asian Men.. oh yes ha ha ha) those that can are male.

    At this point just pick another project.. This is WAY out of your league and WAY past the amount of information/innovation that anyone should ask of anyone without a serious $$$ paycheck..
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    Feb 19, 2010
    You will have to use identification (id) system. Each person will have unique id. This way you only count them one time and you can keep track of the gender.
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