How to generate high frequency alternating current for an electrosurgery application

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Md Yusuf

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Hi , can someone explain me how can I generate radio frequency alternating current for making an electrosurgery board because as we know electrosurgery uses radio frequency alternating current to perform an electrosurgery therefore I want to make an ESU board so if someone can give me an idea about this that would be highly appreciable thank you


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Use an oscillator.
And that's about as much as I can tell you unless you provide information such as power, voltage, frequency etc.


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You don't know enough to start this project.
What frequency? There are frequencies set aside for things like this.
How much power?
There is a very long list of things that you need to know. You need a medical grade power supply for this project, or run on batteries.
Then there is a long line of volunteers lining up to help test this machine. lol


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I worked on this back in the 1970's. You need a sinewave oscillator of the correct frequency, followed by a voltage-controlled amplifier to regulate the output energy level, followed by an output amplifier that makes the correct amplitude and can supply enough current, all powered by the correct power supply.

For proper thermal regulation, you need to embed a temperature sensor in the blade, and interface that signal with the voltage-controlled amplifier to regulate the output signal. There are many patents covering this design.



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I don’t think we should be helping a clearly unqualified person develop a dangerous device. I have reported this thread and hopefully a monitor will weigh in.

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